Ebel was founded in 1911 in Chaux de-Fonds and based on a love story created by Eugene Blum and Alice Levy.

Ebel is a perfect fusion of technical excellence and a passion for aesthetics.

They made their name on their exquisite designs and thus they were also very popular as behind the scenes suppliers to other Luxury watch brands.

Ebel also has links with the world of architecture and design and has long sponsored the work of famous architects such as Le Corbusier.

Ebel has established itself over the years becoming a global presence in fine Swiss watch making and introducing on the market iconic collections such as the legendary Sport classic, the most feminine Beluga, the sensual Brasilia, the ceramic X1 and now in September 2014 the debut of the new Wave collection.

Ebel has forged for itself a reputation of luxury and elegance valuing innovative high-end designs as the foundation of its business.

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