Don’t Crack Under Pressure

26th January 2015


Born under the sign of Leo in 1992, Cara Delevingne is the new ruling queen of the media jungle. She has become a top fashion model and the It Girl spokesperson for the online generation. Her next move? – The latest female ambassador for Tag Heuer.

Just by being her quirky self, the Swiss brand believe she is a true path-breaker, who, like Tag Heuer, pushes past conventions and limits with creativity and passion, and never cracks under pressure!

The announcement came in Paris this weekend where (on the eve of Paris Fashion Week) the catwalk princess charmed 150 journalists, VIPs and a lion! Like the one tattooed on her index finger, Cara glided down the aisle with the lion stunning an unsuspecting audience.

Jean-Claude Bover, CEO of Tag Heuer and President of LVMH Watches Worldwide, greeted Cara with a Tag Heuer Formula One Steel and Black Ceramic Chronograph set with glittering diamonds – the perfect match for Cara’s unique rock’n roll glamour!