Five Minutes with Kerry Washington

10th November 2014

Kerry Washington

As the brand ambassador for art-inspired watch brand, Movado, Kerry Washington was both behind and in front of the camera this season as she took styling credits for the new campaign. She spoke to about her new role…

Did it feel like a natural transition to start styling this time around?
“I wouldn’t take credit for that. We kind of all did it together. When I’m getting ready for red-carpet stuff, it’s a real collaborative art. I think it’s the same when it comes to editorial and campaigns.”

And Olivia Pope’s Scandal style…

“Last season I went to the CFDA Awards with [stylist] Erin Walsh and [Scandal costume designer] Lyn Paolo. Lyn and I met with a lot of designers in New York to make sure we could have access to the newest collections when they’re hitting stores or right before, so we’re kind of ahead of the game on this show.

Olivia has become known for her primarily white color palette. How did that come about?
“We really wanted Olivia to stand out in the crowd in Washington. There’s kind of a uniform in Washington of black and navy and gray suits, so we thought if we could make her palette light neutrals, creams, light pink, tan, light gray, and white, then it would be clear that she is her own woman and that she works for herself and follows her own rules.”