In conversation with Nicole Kidman

27th October 2014


Nicole Kidman sat down to a press conference with Omega in Seoul, Korea in October, and spoke style…

“I remember when I first went to the Oscars and I went in a tiny little Valentino dress that was really short. Because I was so new to it all, I was . . . it was an amazing dress and I still have it but it was a dress you wear when you’re 22 years old and are thinking, “Wow, let’s go to a party!” It just happened to be the Oscars. And then I kind of started to explore because a lot of the time I was shooting in Europe and I started to build relations with different designers, one of them being Galliano. And that was how I really started my passion in terms of fashion. And I had an amazing beginning because I would go to their workshops, a lot of them – Alexander McQueen and I would go and watch them work. And then I would see people like Stephen Jones working on his hats so I’ve been so lucky. I’ve had the chance to be educated and explore fashion through costume designers and also the designs themselves and that’s extraordinary. And now, with two little girls who are really into fashion themselves, but their kind of fashion, I have to lift my game again. Cause they’ll come out and they’ll go, “Mh mh, not good enough.” “