Keeping Couture Time

6th February 2015


In the style of the dresses and suits designed by Christian Dior, timepieces created by The Maison are an exaltation of the rarest materials and the most stunning creativity. Dior’s lastest Horlogerie campaign perfectly dresses the woman wearing them, wrapping her wrist in a touch of timeless elegance!

An indispensable accessory for the active woman, with a steel, rose gold or alligator strap, Dior VIII Montaigne comes in Christian Dior’s favourite colors, gray and pink. In its diamond-trimmed version, it looks like it’s gotten all dressed up to twinkle through the evening hours. And for party nights, Dior VIII Grand Bal exhibits all the magnificence of a colorful sunray-pleated skirt, with its rotor, placed in front of the dial, swinging over and back to the rhythm of the dance.