Men of the Seamaster

26th November 2014


Who was it that said, “it’s the watch that makes the man”? Okay, maybe that was us but really, when so many leading men choose the same watch, one can’t help but consider it a contributor. The Omega Seasmaster sits on the wrists of royals, actors and naturally, many of Vanity Fair’s best dressed.

Let’s start with Mr. Clooney. As an ambassador, we aren’t surprised to see Omega peeking from under his suit jacket but George has always been vocal about his love for the Swiss watchmakers. In fact, George Clooney inherited his favourite Omega timepiece from his father.

Prince William is rarely spotted without his Seamaster securely fastened to his wrist. We’re fairly sure the second heir to the British throne could wear just about any watch he chooses, which says a fair amount for the Seamaster. Perhaps he too will pass his timepiece on to Prince George?

Daniel Craig, a.k.a James Bond is also a man of the Seamaster. He dons the timepiece on screen and on the red carpet. The Omega Seamaster, in fact, is no stranger to a red carpet. Two of Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed Men for 2014, Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch listed the Omega Seamaster as their timepiece of choice too.

So we’ll ask you again, “Is it the watch that makes the man?”